We are Going Limitless! Make Sure You Check It Out!  Happy Shopping

Nov 04 , 2020



We are Going Limitless! Make Sure You Check It Out! Happy Shopping

Say HELLO to our brand-new avatar Stelatoestore. An opportunity for you to shop online from the comfort of your home. Since we have always cared about you, we designed this online store to ensure you don’t have to step out to buy your pair of favourite footwear.

Delhi fashion has its unique character and style when it comes to footwear and accessories. However, its fan base is not limited to the capital region only. Delhi fashion now has PAN India appeal. Recognizing this, we are set to break the boundaries and take off from Delhi to all over India. Our reach is now limitless, especially with this online shopping store.

Online shopping: From LOCAL to NATIONAL

We launched this online shop in a bid to expand our business from a regional player to an all-India phenomenon. For us the customer’s preference is a priority. And there was no reason we could not have accommodated our loyal customers’ requests to go online. Now our customers reach us effortlessly, and we can reach them as well!

Stelatoestore is a house of exclusive products and accessories ideal for any and every occasion. You can shop for your favourite brands from anywhere in the country, saving time and effort to hop around physical stores. Some of the perks of our online store are:

Designed for the ease of shopping

We know the diva inside you always looks for something that is creative and matches your fashion sense. Our new online store is designed, keeping this insight and YOU in mind. Everything here is structured, streamlined and beautiful.

Our online store is fully optimized, where you can search using different filters to pick items according to your choice.

Shop by color, size, brand, price, material, heel types, and height and a host of other filters.

Convenient navigation and browsing

Everything on the store is crafted to give you a thrilling customer

Experience. The navigation is pepped up with dropdown menus. Visitors can browse products without skipping the relevant content and messages.

To make an informed buying decision, the store has a strategic content structure that provides product information quickly.

There are other smaller but impactful features, so you don’t have to look anywhere for your next shopping spree!

Competitive prices meeting every budget need

The key advantage of shopping online with us is that you always get products at competitive prices. But by competitive pricing, we don’t mean “cheap products”.

Competitive here implies the best price. Do we really need to explain why our products are affordable? You already know with online shops, there will be no long chain of intermediaries to inflate the price.

However, with us, the advantages don’t stop here. Special offers, discounts and other features on the store will leave you spoiled for choices.

So, in the end

For the last sixteen years, stelatoestore has been a household name in Delhi fashion circles, delivering elite fashion brands of high-end footwear. We are the leading store offering the best fashion footwear online in India. Started as an independent brand from the family business, today we have exclusive stores at different locations in Delhi/NCR. But that is not enough for us. We want you to stay engaged in our continued growth with the launch of our online store.

It's time for Delhi's fashion to be accessible to the rest of the country, and we to become a single-stop destination for stilettoes online shopping!