6 shoe styles that will take over summer 2021

Mar 13 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

6 shoe styles that will take over summer 2021

Let’s be honest summers are way more fun than winters as we have so many options to wear. From trendy bohemian printed tops to cute floral summer dresses we can experiment with colours and styles during this season. Furthermore, this season is a blessing to all footwear lovers as we get a chance to wear varieties of styles from sandals to heels, summertime brings a new lively vibe to our wardrobe.

So now as we have entered the bright summer season, let us update you with 6 shoe styles that will dominate 2021's summer. Listed below are 6 shoes for women that you wouldn't wanna miss out on -


Flatforms are here to stay as these 70s style high boosted sandals are perfect to be worn during the spring/summer season. Styled to be a combination of casual and high enhancing soles the flatforms can be worn by women of every height. The comfort and chicness of platforms are indisputable, as these open-toed upper sided sandals with comfortable platform heels give females the perfect footwear to beat the summer heat in style.

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One style that is not going to go any time soon is the flip flops. Every year the flip flops come into the limelight with an upgrade and in 2021, we shall be seeing a variety of flip flops for women that are revamped with leather and thick rubber soles that are enhancing the regular flip flops to an uber-chic look.

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Yes, there is no denying that high heels always look more panache but they are not everyone’s taste due to health or comfort reasons and therefore, in this situation, Kitten heels come as a saviour as they aren’t too high yet they are feminine, delicate and chic in style. This summer season, you shall be seeing a lot of kitten heels as they are balanced with comfortable heel height as well as styled with vogue patterns and colours.

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If you are an avid follower of international fashion shows, then you must have seen these stylish heels making its wave since last season. These fishnet heels are ultra-chic and feminine footwear made from perforated material. It can be found in varieties of pastel colours, but in 2021 you will also find bold coloured fishnet heels to complete your bold and chic statement.

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Sandals for women are a blessing in summers as they are hassle-free and easy to wear; the best part about them is that they can complement every attire be it western or Indian wear, one can never go wrong with sandals. This season, you will find a wide range of chic and trendy sandals that you can wear regularly and on special occasions as well.

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Drum rolls for the feminine tie-up heels that are paving it's way back to fashion this season and that too with a bang. These heels are the definition of the new sexy as they are intriguing, they conceal yet, they show it all. The tie-up heels have been a fashion statement since the 1990s but 2021 is seeing them in a new avatar with glamorous embellishments, bold animal prints and vibrant colours, this style is here to stay and you would be missing out on a vogue statement piece, if you miss out on these sassy heels this summer.

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Happy Summers to you all