Comfort or Style? What should you look for in monsoon footwear

Jul 10 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

Comfort or Style? What should you look for in monsoon footwear

The thrill of getting soaked in the rain is enough to make a grown person turn into a child. Who doesn’t love the monsoon season, after all? Well, we’ll tell you who; your feet! While you may enjoy letting water pour on top of your body, down there it’s like a war for your feet as it has to deal with muddy, watery and slippery surfaces. One moment you are enjoying the rain & next moment you are lying flat on the ground as your trusty heels weren't suitable for rainy conditions.

If you are trying to avoid the rain with an umbrella or raincoat, you can never prevent your footwear from getting dirty. That’s right, your beloved fabric ballerinas are now ruined forever, gone in the deepest part of your wardrobe never to be seen again.

Just like one likes to dress according to occasion, it is very important to choose footwear according to climate, especially during monsoon season. When it comes to the rainy season, it is more important to consider shoe/sole material & fitting over which just simply looks cute.

With the right footwear, you are monsoon-ready and we, at Stelatoes are here to guide you through it.

What NOT to wear in monsoon?

Shoes made of fabric, suede or leather

We think this is pretty self explanatory, wearing a fabric or suede shoe out in rain then you might as well keep your umbrella at home. Not only will your shoes get wet very easily but your feet will also be at a high risk of getting fungal infection. The last thing you need is having the sensation to endlessly scratch your feet.

Leather shoes are probably the worst choice of footwear when it’s pouring. It soaks up water in a matter of minutes and could be highly susceptible to damage. It goes without saying that leather shoes are more expensive than the lot, so it’s better to keep your biker boots inside your wardrobe.

Heels; especially Stilettos

We hope no heel lover closed the tab as soon as they saw this headline...But then again, they will come back to this blog once they learn the hard way that we made a valid point.

While heels in rain is very much doable but the risk is not worth it. For starters, you may have to walk more flat footed to avoid slipping. If you wanna know what your walk might look like, then watch the clip of a starfish walking on land (Nothing sexy about that!)

But on a serious note, the reason why heels on slick wettery surfaces are not recommended is because you are just one misstep away from a sprained or even a broken ankle. Like we said before, heels are irresistible but when it comes to wearing them in monsoon season, the risk is not worth it.

What to wear in monsoon

Avoid the risk of slip with rubber shoes

Rubber shoes or shoes with rubber soles are your ultimate rainy companion. Not only are rubber shoes waterproof but they provide you that strong grip of footing you need on slippery surfaces. Most rubber shoes are also waterproof, keeping your feet dry & avoiding the risk of bacteria. Rubber shoes go best with your casual attire. Style it with your jeans or trousers.

PU leather for the leather fanatics

PU Leather (Polyurethane leather), is completely artificial & made of thermoplastic polymer which doesn’t absorb water at all. They are a great comfort footwear which are very easy to clean & most of them come with rubber soles. People who like their feet have a little breathing space can opt for PU leather sandals over rubber shoes in the rainy season.

PU footwear’s sleek and elegant design goes best with formal/work attire, especially for females.

Wedges: Great alternative for heel lovers

If you’re someone who simply refuses to give up on the feeling of confidence from wearing heels, then Wedges are what you need in monsoon. They provide a comfortable elevation for your feet also keeping them away from watery surfaces. It should be mentioned that wedges come in all types so it is important to the shoe material to make sure they are suitable for rainy weather.

Pair them with your party or vacation outfit to remain stylish but safe.

Add a little height with Flatforms

Now, what about occasions such as a party where style is simply a necessity? Wedges are an option but if you are looking for pure style itself, then Flatforms are your savior. They offer an impressive elevation to keep your feet away from muddy surfaces. PU Flatforms are the best choice for rainy weather for strong grip & elevation, and did we mention they look extremely stylish.

Flatforms elevation is also helpful if you are wearing a traditional saree. Add that little height so your drape is safe from wet & muddy surfaces.

Rainy season is a delightful time. It is meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded. Your feet may dread it, hence it is important to have the right pair of footwear so you could always be monsoon-ready.