Style with Stelatoes this Spring Summer and stand out from the crowd

Apr 21 , 2022


Sanjay Arora

Style with Stelatoes this Spring Summer and stand out from the crowd

With the outset of summers, it’s again that time of the year when you leave your winter clothing behind and look forward to enhance your Spring Summer Collection. Renewing our love and excitement for nature and the outdoors, with a wide range of featuring footwear which are packed with bright, summer colours, natural and earthy tones along with bold and beautiful florals. As winter gives way to spring, and we venture outside—ambling along the fashion. Carrying a classy footwear is one of the most seamless ways to complete an outfit together—especially in spring and summer—so having a few in rotation is the simplest way to guarantee style with ease.

Tie up pencil heels

This Summers, be stylish with Tie up pencil heels. Summer's favourite Tie up pencil heels is a slinky style that elevates even the simplest outfit. Create an ultra-sexy look by leaving much of the foot bare, they are the easy to style, easy to wear, and appropriate to wear anywhere.

No matter how you style them, you're sure to create your next iconic look with these Tie up pencil heels.

Detailed with pearls, get a decent yet fashionable look this summers.




Slip-on are the hallmark of easygoing spring style. They are simple in both form and function; easy to take on and off, and they keep every outfit sharp. A great pair of slip-ons will also transition well from spring into summer—they work as well with jeans as they do with your bathing suit.

With the wide range of colors, Slip-ons best suites almost complete summer season.


Mules are a refreshing alternative to boring sandals and pumps. The footwear has that distinct elegance and charm that makes it a favourite with women.

Flat mules are probably one of the most comfortable styles of sandal to wear. They easily slip on and off, making them the ideal footwear choice for lazy summer days in the garden or by the pool without compromising on your elegant looks.



Cone heels or Triangular heels

Cone heels or Triangular heels starting wide at the sole and tapers narrower, sometimes to a point is your best bet this summers. Worn with colored handbags with jewelry gives a glamorous touch to your overall attire.

Don't let summer fool you into thinking that only about slippers. When it comes to footwear, all we want is comfort but whatif style and comfort can go hand in hand.

Well, spring and summer calls for stunning colours, bright & peppy prints and interesting designs to bring a whole new edge to your dressing. To keep you on track with the latest and trendy footwear, Stelatoes have got you covered with footwear that are stylish and comfortable.

You would surely make way to your spring-summer footwear collection.