5 cleaning tips for different shoes

Feb 20 , 2021

Dinesh Kush

5 cleaning tips for different shoes

Do you remember the time when we were in school and how every night we would have to clean our shoes so that next morning we wouldn't be punished for having dirty shoes? Of course, school days are over but that doesn’t mean the importance of clean shoes has lessened. In fact, it is in adulthood that we realize how much difference a pair of clean shoes can make to our personality.

Remember the famous line, find out about someone by looking at how clean are their shoes?

So how do we clean our shoes for that pristine look? Is it similar to the way we clean our clothes? Well, the answer is no. Just like clothes which have to be cleaned differently, some with regular wash and some with only dry cleaning, even shoes need different kinds of cleaning methods depending on their material. Therefore, we have enlisted 5 cleaning tips for different shoes so that you clean your shoes without spoiling them-

Be gentle with fabric shoes

Fabric shoes are comfortable which is why wearing them on a regular basis is no shocker. But, the more the regular use that means the more chances of it getting dirty. So what do you do? Toss it in the washing machine? Or rinse it thoroughly like a cloth? Well, the answer is no. Fabric shoes are sturdy to wear but it requires gentle cleaning as these shoes may have leather linings or they might have been assembled with glue that won't be able to handle the harsh rinsing. Therefore, to clean fabric shoes you would have to

  1. Wipe the fabric with a dry paper towel to remove the surface soil
  2. Take a small bowl with warm water and mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid 
  3. Dip a toothbrush into the bowl and gently scrub on the fabric of the shoes. 
  4. Wipe off the soapy residue with a paper towel moistened with clean water. 
  5. Keep the shoes to dry outside (not directly under the sunlight)
  6. To ensure that the shoes hold its shape stuff dry paper towels into the toes or heels until the shoes are dry

Also, remember while cleaning velvet fabric shoes do not use a toothbrush but a soft-bristled brush with a dry cleaning solvent.

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Water and vinegar for leather shoes

Leather shoes whether they are patent leather or faux leather, these kinds of shoes need extra attention while cleaning them. One wrong step and the entire shoe would get spoiled. So to avoid any kind of damage to these fancy leather shoes one must clean them in the following way-

  1. Wipe off the leather shoes gently with a soft cloth
  2. Dip the cloth in a solution of cool water and vinegar (make sure that the proportion of water and vinegar is equal)
  3. Take the dipped cloth and start wiping it gently over the leather shoes
  4. Let the shoes to air dry completely

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Precious Suede shoes

Let’s be honest, we all love suede shoes but they are surely a bit of maintenance. The key to having pristine suede shoes is by cleaning them regularly. Suede shoe surfaces must be always kept dry, therefore it is suggested that after every wear these shoes must be gently cleaned with a soft-bristled brush so that no dust particle settles on it.

Also removing different kind of stains from suede shoe requires different ingredients and washing method such as to remove-

  1. Mark stains- Gently rub on the mark with a pencil eraser and then brush the shoes to restore its look
  2. Oily stain- Take some baby powder and sprinkle on the oily stain area. Allow the powder to sit for an hour and then gently brush it away. Keep repeating this method till the time the stain doesn't get lighten. Once the stain is gone gently brush the suede shoes to restore its original look
  3. Wet stain- you would need a paper towel or cloth that can absorb the moisture. Let the shoe air dry completely but make sure the shoes are not in contact with direct sunlight. Once the stain is off brush the shoe to restore its original look.

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Vinegar magic for Rope or cork shoes

Rope or cork shoes are often mistaken as fabric shoes. Though they are similar to an extent but they are completely different when it comes to their cleaning process. The rope or corked soles cannot be simply cleaned only with water because they are not made of light fabric. Therefore, to clean them you would need to-

  1. Take four cups of warm water
  2. ¼ of distilled white vinegar
  3. 1 teaspoon of dishwasher detergent
  4. Mix these three and make a solution
  5. Take a toothbrush or soft cloth
  6. Gently rub a small section of the shoes with the toothbrush or cloth after dipping them in the solution
  7. Once the rubbing is done wipe the shoes with a cloth dipped in plain water
  8. Allow the shoe to air dry completely

Rescue athletic shoes with washing machine

The only shoes that can be washed in the washing machine are the sturdy and durable athletic shoes. Follow the easy instructions and get back your swanky clean athletic shoes easily-

  1. Remove the laces and inner sole of the shoes before tossing them in the machine
  2. Use a heavy detergent
  3. Wash it in the washing machine like you wash your clothes
  4. Let the shoe air dry completely
  5. Avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat of the dryer on the shoes

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BONUS TIP- Avoid keeping all kinds of shoes under direct sunlight or exposing them to excessive dryer heat as this may cause the shoe to lose its colour and shape.

So now that you know that your different kinds of shoes need different ways of cleaning, hop onto the cleaning express, line up your dirty shoes and start cleaning them according to the above-mentioned methods. We know how much you love your shoes and we will always help you in keeping your little treasure intact and pristine!

Happy shoes, happiest you!