5 ways to pamper your feet during summers

Apr 10 , 2021

Sanjay Arora

5 ways to pamper your feet during summers

One of the many reasons women like winters is that there is no pressure for having regular waxing sessions or pedicures because let’s be honest under those layers of clothes who is going to take notice of the hair and most importantly who cares right? No one wants to remove those warm clothes and get exposed to those wintery chills. But, this bliss is short-lived because as soon as summer starts knocking, the layers of clothes start disappearing, the long boots are locked away and it's time to get back into our comfy summer outfits and footwears that most certainly demands being geared to handle the summer heat.

Just like we replace winter clothes with summer clothes, we also replace our winter footwear with our summer sandals and heels. The breezy and strappy sandals are a perfect choice for summers but what if you have cracked and rough heels or tanned feet? Here are some ways that will not only make your feet soft and supple but also give them a flawless look this summer

Avoid being barefoot

Many of us have the habit of walking around in our house barefoot. For some, it is an old habit that dies hard and for some, it's just a “matter of a few seconds” but, all of us are guilty about walking barefoot in the summers. Though the cool flooring would give some relief but this habit brings no good to our feet. Walking barefoot often leads to rough or cracked heels which if not cared properly can also lead to a fungal infection. So, the next time you rush around your house barefoot just remember to slide your feet in comfortable slip-ons without worrying about any harm to your heels.

Hello Pedicure time

As mentioned above, summertime also brings along the need for timely pedicures. But wait, by pedicure if you are thinking about making a weekly appointment at the salon then you are wrong. To get those flawless clean feet one does not have to go to salons every time because you can pamper your feet by regularly cleaning them with a pumice stone while taking a shower. This will help you to gently remove the dead cells and calluses giving you clean and soft heels.

Shea butter smoothness

When it comes to healing cracked feet we have been often told to use different kinds of products. Today one can find a plethora of foot cream that guarantees to moisturize the feet and heal the cracks. How much they would be effective is completely a blind shot but we can suggest you to use shea butter on your feet to get sure shot soft heels. All you have to do is that after the shower and before going to bed, apply a portion of shea butter on your feet and let them relax overnight. DIY Shea Butter here:


Breathable footwear only

The one thing we all dislike about summers is the crazy amount of sweating and rashes it brings along. Handling the sweating on your face is still manageable but what about the sweat one encounters in their feet? Often, many of us have the problem of sweaty and smelly feet during summers which can also give problems like rashes and itching. So how to avoid this situation? Simple, just let your feet breathe in sandals and footwear that are appropriate to the summer climate. Wear light sandals or footwear which are more open and free or made of mesh so they not only give your feet an easy-breezy experience but also keeps your feet protected against the summer heat.

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Avoid wearing high heels regularly

Winter has its charm because of the vogue fashion we get to wear during this season. From those sassy boots to comfortable sneakers, we mostly choose footwear that keeps our feet warm. But all of this changes as summer starts kicking in, as in this season we like to flaunt our legs in skirts and dresses which we often team up with high heels to make our legs look elongated. But ladies, before you start lining up your heels and matching them with every dress for the forthcoming summer days, please know that wearing high heels daily for long hours can be a little harmful. Medical experts have suggested that one should keep changing the height of their heels instead of wearing high heels regularly, as over wearing high heels can hurt the balls of the feet and can cause bunions and hammertoes. So, if you are digging to wear your summer wear with heels, make sure that you keep changing the size of the heels. Luckily, you won’t be disappointed as heels come in various styles such as kitten heels, wedges, stilettos, block heels or even flatforms.

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We hope that you are now ready to pamper your feet this summer. Forget the expensive pedicures and foot creams and just with the simple and easy tips mentioned above, keep your feet happy and loved.

Happy feet, Happy summers