Take good care of your feet these winters

Nov 12 , 2021

Sanjay Arora

Take good care of your feet these winters

Many tend to believe that covering feet with socks and shoes is the best bet during winters. It is extremely necessary to take best winter precautions and to avoid potential foot problems.

According to ACFAS (American College of For and Ankle Surgeons), foot injuries and other foot problems, including frostbite, cracked heels, and athlete’s foot, are common in dry winter months. These problems affect the overall health and well-being of foot.

We are bringing to you small tips and tricks to keep your feet happy and soft this winter.

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1. Keep your feet clean

We all are guilty of getting lazy with the weather and skipping taking a bath every chance we get. Don’t we? But this weather makes it even more important that you wash and clean your feet thoroughly every day to prevent athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and ingrown toenails. These foot fungi are borne in moist, dark, and warm conditions. Cleanse your feet and dry them before putting on a pair of fresh socks.


2. Retain Moisture

Your skin produces natural oils to keep it healthy. Try to avoid long showers or baths. It is also not advisable to wash your feet very frequently. While washing your feet, use lukewarm water instead of hot water since it’ll be refreshing and your skin becomes more nourished.

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3. Increase the water intake

Winter sure reduces our need to drink enough water. You may not feel the need to grab that glass of water but your body needs it. To keep your skin nourished and hydrated, try to increase your water intake by consuming enough fluid. Less water can make your skin dry, dull and flaky.


4. Use a moisturizing hydrating cleanser

Want to get that supple, moisturized skin that we see in the TV ads? Switch your normal body wash containing glycolic, salicylic, and other dry ingredients with a hydrating and moisturizing cleanser. Post cleansing, apply a moisturizer on your feet and sole for that glistening, dewy skin.


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5. Moisturizing overnight treatment

We do plenty of overnight treatments for our face and hair but tend to forget our feet. Feet and heels may experience heel fissures or cracked skin due to the combination of both indoor heating and dry winter air. Let’s not forget them this winter. Overnight treatments use a heavy form of a cream that works excellently for revitalizing dry skin and takes some time to absorb into. One such moisturizing treatment is emollient - to soothe and hydrate the skin.

6. Scrubbing off with pumice stone

Become best friends with your pumice stone this season. Scrub your feet properly, especially the hard heel surfaces using a pumice stone twice a week gives excellent results. Always remember to use pumice stones on dry skin and not on wet skin. It may pull off healthy skin, if used on wet skin.

7. Cuticles

Don’t forget to trim and groom toenails just because your feet aren’t visible when covered with socks. Maintain toenails as they may break or crack. While keeping nails, many don’t pay attention to the cuticles, which requires immediate action. Push back the extra cuticles gently after moisturizing your feet. You can test with a cuticle eraser after soothing the foot area using oil or a cuticle balm.

8. Using a humidifier to maximize moisture content

Keep skin more hydrated using a humidifier, at the office or in home, to add more moisture on a dry winter day. A humidifier can be kept in a room where you spend most of your time, like bedrooms.

9. Upgrade your socks

Wear footwear and winter socks with breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking materials. This helps protect feet by reducing sweating. Wear socks that can keep you warm and dry. Invest in winter shoes having a wide-toe box that will easily accommodate your thick wool socks.

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Winter can be harsh on your feet. You must pay proper care and attention during this time. Regular care and following best hygienic guidelines can keep your feet healthy these winters.