90's Shoes Trends have Come Back with a Bang

Apr 24 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

90's Shoes Trends have Come Back with a Bang

People who like and follow fashion are always looking for new and trendy fashion products for their wardrobes, so as to fill with new clothes/shoes. While in fashion, no trend goes out permanently; sooner or later, it will come back. People who never liked those fashions earlier are more likely to love the trends.

In this age where every industry is moving forward, and new products/ideas are coming up as trends, shoes have turned the wheel towards the ‘90s. Yes, the ’90s are back and with a bang. Just like every other song is a remix of a 90's song. All the embarrassing images of questionable childhood or pre-teen fashion come to mind as most of the 90’s people try to remember it.

Combat Shoes

Combat shoes, as the names suggest military, defence styling, long and heavy, big shoes, we can say. They are often known as off-duty footwear and were the coolest casual shoes for girls of the ’90s. Even today, when they are coming back as the latest trends, these shoes are the first preference for winters. All the comfy shoes have their own advantage, but no shoe design can replace the combat shoes. Nowadays the combat shoes are coming in many colours, but nothing matches the black colour, with this all-black dress also gets the invitation to the wardrobe closet.

Chunky Sneakers

After going through this article, you are definitely going to free some space for retro runners in your footwear section. Chunky, dad-inspired sneakers have been topping trainer trends for the last few years, and the oversized look displays no signs of going anywhere soon. These shoes are best for casual outfits as they look heavy as well as go with your most casual look ever. These shoes come with different design patterns, colour combinations.

Platform Heels

Platform Heels are the thick sole heels for all those cute short girls around. All love a bit of support with fashion footwear, and this fashion comeback from the '90s is going to help just like that. Platform heels are not only comfortable but also super practical. They provide full support and a good two inches to feel extra confident. Do not skip on these!


Just as the name demonstrates, you literally slide into these footwears with utmost comfort and ease. Sliders are a lazy girl's first and last preference, no matter running late or not. These sliders hang out with you everywhere either it’s your bedroom or college or to your favourite hangout place. It feels super comfy and chic. The variety is always endless; one can easily dabble in the basic Adidas or Reebok ones, fluffy fur ones or these grungy and studded ones.

Strappy Sandals

It is the urge to wear those heels again after spending most of your time indoors in ugly—but comfortable—footwear. It just boosts confidence. And with spring approaching, it’s the perfect time to add some simple strappy sandals with heels to the closet. The minimalists will have sandals with their varied styling of straps over the foot giving it support and enhancing your footnails.

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing, and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.”. The 90’s shoes with a mix of today fashion actually have created a trend in the fashion industry and among young people. It will be nostalgic for the ones who actually wore those during their teens or adults in the 90's. So go to the market and treat yourself and uplift yourself physically and emotionally adding sleek yet innovative collection to your wardrobe .

Happy feet, Happy summers