Komal Pandey- The wind of change for the fashion world

Mar 27 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

Komal Pandey- The wind of change for the fashion world

If you are on any social media platform you must have come across these fresh faces who are neither a model nor a celebrity yet, are being featured or endorsing high-end brands, these new faces are the social media influencers who are changing the connotations of the fashion industry. They have become the bridge between commoners and fashion brands through which now new trends evolve. But most importantly, these social media influencers are inspiring both men and women to be comfortable in their skin, their fashion tips and DIY’s are teaching everyone that stylish clothes are not only meant for the ramp walks or magazines but can easily be worn by us without burning a hole in our pockets.

To celebrate these young and courageous personalities, Stelatoes is acknowledging their tremendous work and this time we are featuring the charismatic and unique Komal Pandey, who has taken over the social media platform by storm with her creative clothing styles, she has successfully proven that high-end fashion is not just for the models in Vogue magazine or Paris Fashion week but every woman can easily dawn vogue outfits without burning their pockets. Started her journey as a blogger back in 2012 with her blog “College Couture”, Komal has come a long way. With being awarded as the most stylish blogger in 2016, today she holds an account with over 1.3 million followers with a new addition every day.

Komal Pandey- The unique & bold beauty

She has been a revolutionary when it comes to fashion. Be it Indian or Western attire she has changed the regular styling of clothes by styling them in an entirely new and different look through her mixing and matching variations. From chunky jewellery to layering fashion, she has brought a new life to regular fashion. Her #fashiontherapy segment is a platform through which she keeps sharing different kinds of styling tips that enable young women to express themselves through fashion without compromising on comfort. But the most unique thing about Komal is that she likes to connect with her audience through videos and reels and not just pictures, which makes her different from other influencers who mostly post only pictures. Her videos and reels are a fresh way to see fashion as she experiments new styles while telling people to how they can also get the same look-

Here are some of the different styles of Komal Pandey that are pure genius and gorgeous

Bare it all

When it comes to being comfortable with your body, Komal tops the chart. Her style of baring it all is bold and free where she confidently exposes skin through her unique and elegant outfits. Be it Western or Indian, she knows well to tweak them to give them a perfect balance of sexy, yet classy. If one goes through her videos and pictures, you would realize that the lady is not only confident about her body structure but she keeps encouraging others to be comfortable in their skin too. Be it her outfit with a sports bra paired with chic coats and flared pants or bralettes with high waisted shorts teamed up with uber-chic long boots, this woman dares to wear what she likes without worrying about any criticisms.

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Layer it up!

Let’s be honest that until Komal, layering up the clothes were only limited to the models of Vogue magazine or maximum wearing a jeans shirt on top of casual. But, all that seems like history as Komal has shown the world that there is no limit of expression especially if it is through clothes. One can find several styling videos of how to layer 2-3 clothes together or wear pants and skirts with each other on her Instagram account but that’s not all as she has also shown videos on how to layer up an exquisite Indian saree with a trench coat or a simple dupatta, giving the outfit a completely new definition and look.

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Drape Glam

For the longest time the style of draping was only limited to saris for many of us but things have certainly changed since Komal has come into our lives as she has shown us a plethora of outfits that could be just made out of our old scarfs or dupattas; from tops being made out of a scarf and being teamed up with regular jeans and denim jackets or dupattas being draped into subtle and classy blouses, Komal has shown us that when it comes to the imagination there should never be any sort of inhibitions. Not only this, her imaginative and quirky way has given the traditional Indian look also a new glam as she styles saris with overcoats on one hand, while also teaming them up with boots to give them an edgy and vogue look.

But the most significant thing you shall notice on her account is the series of videos where she uniquely drapes saris as skirts while pairing them up with a bralette that gives the sari an entirely fresh look in a very sexy style.

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Her style is certainly a new wind that is changing the way we look at fashion. Her ideas are simple, wear what you want to wear without thinking about how this world would judge you. Her creative fashion tips have helped young fashionistas to understand that it is their style statement that makes fashion as fashion and not the other way around. Komal Pandey, truly justifies what a real influencer means who is inspiring and infusing the younger generations to make a mark of their own in this world with their unique beauty and talent.

Happy Summers to you all