5  versions of women that prove this world is no more just a man's world

Mar 06 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

5 versions of women that prove this world is no more just a man's world

When Beyonce released her song, “who runs the world? Girls”, it became an anthem for millions of women. A song which signifies that without women this world would come to a standstill and to celebrate all the achievements and contributions of the women, 8th March is celebrated as women’s day worldwide.

From mythologies to realities, we have witnessed that women have played an important role in shaping this world. Today there is no field where women have not stepped their foot and emerged victoriously. From warfare to reaching beyond the planet, women of this world have proved that they are as efficient and strong as their male counterparts.

Yet, despite establishing new records women are still subjected to labels and barriers by this society. Therefore, we have enlisted some inspiring tales of different kind of women who have fiercely fought the society’s shallow labels paving a new and equal world for many generations to come-

Boss lady

Gone are the days when women were only considered to be homemakers. Today we live in a world where over 500 women are holding up the chair of CEO. In our country women like Vandana Luthra, CEO of VLCC, Falguni Nayyar, CEO of Nykka and Shubha Chaddha, CEO of Chumbak these names have been proving that indeed this world is no more a man’s world. These ladies have not just only established businesses worth millions but also have become an inspiration for many other women to embark on their journey as a businesswoman but most importantly they have played a major role in breaking the shallow label that women can never be equal to men.

Juliet can love Juliet

When the Supreme court ruled it’s historic judgement of section 377 two faces emerged as the new face of equal and free India, the faces of Menaka Guruswamy & Arundhati Katju, two women who are a couple as well as the advocates who won the section 377 case as Supreme court decriminalized homosexuality in India. It is because of women like them the Indian LGBTQ community can breathe and love freely. It is because of women and men like them who have fearlessly fought the shallow labels of being “unnatural” or as a “sin”, so that our future generation grows in a world where authenticity and value of love are respected regardless of gender barriers.

A single mother is a mother too

There was a time when Bollywood movies would show how catastrophic it would be if the actress would become a mother before her marriage. But fortunately, those times have changed both in reels and real-life as today women have made themselves capable enough in terms of financial security that even if they choose to not marry they can still be a mother. Women like Sushmita Sen and Neena Gupta have proven that being a mother is a choice regardless if there is a man in life or not. These women have single-handedly raised their children without being married, they have shown the world that to conceive a child there is a need for a man (biological reasons) but to become a mother one doesn’t need a man or this society approval. A woman can be a mother to her child without giving heed to the shallow labels or questions of this society.

Homemaker’s power

Being a homemaker is not an easy job. From taking care of the minutest details about the house to nurturing everyone this job demands 365 days and 24*7 service. Yet, homemakers are often asked, “What have they done in their life”? because let’s be honest, looking after the house and managing the family is not considered as a “real job”. Yet, it is because of the homemakers only that men can leave for their offices, children can go to school on time, elderly get their health care and most importantly, whenever clouds of financial uncertainties hit just like the COVID-19 lockdown where many men lost their jobs, it was then because of such homemakers only who decided to start small ventures to sustain their families. One such story is of Mrs Sardana who opened her Biryani venture during the lockdown phase because her husband Rohit Sardana had lost his job. Today her venture is not only sustaining her family needs but also has been an eye-opener for people who thought homemakers don't really do the "real job".

More than colours and numbers

Women have finally called out upon illogical beauty standards created by this society. Today women are breaking all the barriers based on the colour of their skin or the shape of their body. Women have finally announced that enough is enough! Being confident in their skin and living life according to their terms is the new spirit of womanhood. Females like Bharti, famous comedian, Nidhi Sunil, famous Indian model and Ashna Bhagwani, plus size blogger have shown society that women’s beauty is not only limited to fair skin or a thin waist but it is her confidence, talent, values and dreams that makes her stand apart from the crowd. It is because of such women’s efforts today society is also shifting its notions towards real beauty. Campaigns like #stopthebeautytest by Dove has garnered massive attention and appreciation as it highlights that it’s high time now to stop judging women on the basis of their looks. This campaign highlights that women shall no more tolerate being overshadowed by the shallow labels of the society.

So this women’s day, let’s celebrate women in their raw and unique beauty. Let us remind all the women that they are much more than the shallow labels of society; their beauty is beyond every label this society attaches to them, their beauty doesn’t need any validation from the society hence, it's time to #stopthebeautytest. Let us remind all the women that as much as they nurture others they also have to nurture and live their life for themselves because before belonging to every other role attached to them, they also belong to themselves. Stelatoes is celebrating beauty beyond labels where we are celebrating women who have broken all the barriers of this society to get what is their fundamental right. We are truly inspired by the contributions of such women who are infusing this world with the winds of freedom and authenticity.

Happy Women's Day