Fashion Upgrade with Netflix

May 15 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

Fashion Upgrade with Netflix

Netflix is not only entertaining us with its amazing content but also acting a ray of fashion inspiration.There are a number of sitcoms getting extensive views and fanbase varying from chick flick ,THE BOLD TYPE, evergreen F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,dramatic DYNASTY and fashionist sophisticated drama Emily in Paris and many more which are latest series yet covering plethora of captivating genre. These engaging series have raised the standard of fashionable quotient and infused millennials to replicate their preferred fashion manner.

The Bold Type

A sitcom consisting three millennial friends Jane, Kat and Support who support in each other’s journey .Other than the showing the sophisticated lifestyles of these girls it focuses on topics which need to bring in lime light like immigration,sexual assault,social media trolling ,injustice to victims of rapist and body positivity.Jane carries classic and elegant outfits while Kat is a free spirit chic depicted by her loose embroidered sweater with lace skirts and her quirky ways to style her curly hair into top knots and braids and Sutton’s versatile dressing from bold basics to shimmer dresses.Jacqueline,the editor in chief of Scarlet has played the best role as a mentor to all her colleagues and outstands her fashion with the look of her variety of pant suits.


The evergreen show Friends which has been popular for its friendship, comedy and the always chill factor, although it belongs to the 90s', still gives us major fashion goals. Monica has the street casual everyday vibes with her denims and loose tshirts and shirts while Rachel's fashion is more about femininity and vogue with her dresses and skirts and those blazer dresses. Phoebe on the other hand has a quirky, experimentative style with her long dresses and wide legged pants and boots. It's amazing how a show older than 2 decades is still giving us the inspirations we want for our fashion game.


Dynasty is dramatic and thriller sitcom about an aristocratic dynasty, Carringtons. Fallon’s clothes shows her passionate and modest persona in her elegant straight dress with flared ends and floral eccentric pantsuit.Even while she getting kidnapped her blazing faux fur coat shows her as a fashionista.Cristal pink monochrome pant suit with ruffle shirt gives a classy look depicting sophistication and boldness .Cristal shrewd queen of the dynasty with her style of backless white gown with her furry feathers on the sleeve gives her a stunning look.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris serie shows an american girl Emily (Played by Lily Collins) moves from Chicago to Paris,fashion capital of the world seeking to work in this wonder capital while facing challenges in terms of love,friendship,culture clash and mixing at work place.This bubbly and vivacious girl’s fascination towards statement-making color, bold prints and groovy patterns. She wears enchanting apparels varying from Green oversized jacket from Chanel Cruise, lopsided yet eye catching silk midi skirt paired with matching top and classic belt to her sleek off shoulder gown with crystal embellished pumps.

Queen’s Gambit

It's a 2020 American coming-of-age period drama miniseries about the life of an orphan chess prodigy, Elizabeth Harmon (Played by Anya Taylor Joy) during her quest to become the world’s greatest chess player juggling emotional problems,alcohol and drug dependency..While climbing the ladder of success in chess, her version of fashion was increasing visible.Her focus and concentration is shown in her basic yet vintage turtleneck with pleated skirt .Her sleek short hair with oblique parting with a twirl of hair on the face gives a retro look, an epitome of fashion and style for today’s women.Her fashion shown in her apparel is vintage and timeless which was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick.Her simple yet standing out outfits leaves a lasting impression on people’s heart.

Exploring these trending series brings out different versions of fashion techniques adorn by these amazing characters. We encountered a bunch of styles ranging from vintage and antique styles of fashion to basic yet elegant including a new approach of pantsuits which used to be worn by only men earlier to distinctively exclusive and creative styles like once such of Phoebe. Amongst these amusing series, which one is your favourite? Because we know you can’t overlook your all time favourite past time, BINGING NETFLIX.