The Global epitome of Multifaceted GirlBoss: Masoom Minawala

May 30 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

The Global epitome of Multifaceted GirlBoss: Masoom Minawala

Masoom Minawala Mehta commonly known as #missstylefiesta is a quintessential style influencer who found her interest in fashion through opting for an internship in Brand Marketing India where she used to research fashion bloggers and more such internships with big companies like Calvin Klein and FCUK.

Supporting Indian Designers Globally

This fashionista living in Europe enchantingly boasts the authenticity of sarees, suits, jumpsuits, co-ords fabricated by extremely skilful Indian designers. She brings out a modish look by pairing Indian wear like sarees with a formal white shirt and bell-bottom denim with a classic golden belt. This diva gracefully wears traditional benchmark lehengas in the autumn time of Europe.

Series of Inspirational Indian Culture and Arts

Masoom beautifully uses fashion to bring out Indian historical monuments with her absolute replicating garments such as her exquisite jhumkas depicting the Red Fort’s dome architect and many more monuments. When it comes to highlighting Indian culture, she utilizes her fashion sense and mesmerising voice to bring out Indian art pieces such as Lippan, Warli, Tanjore etc.

Masoom’s grounded nature delivers a feeling of familiarity

Even after becoming a global sensation, Masoom carries the values of being a down to earth person. She gives a feeling of one of our kind even after earning such levels of fame with all her versatile content ranging from affordable Indian designer outfits to luxury brands. She makes us believe that one can manage different parts of families simultaneously with her affectionate connection with her family living in different countries.

Masoom tips as an entrepreneur: empowherofficial

Our courageous female influencer, Masoom has started her Instagram handle for infusing helpful and innovative tips to empower women entrepreneurs and influencers on topics like what are hyper-productivity pockets and how amazingly these HPPs could help you strive for much more work than normal hours and how to become financially independent. Her insightful points on how she doubled her million followers in 365 days showcase her intellect as an influencer as well as an entrepreneur and catch your eyes and make you wait for more such tips.

Masoom is a perfect example to look upon to learn how to manage different aspects of your life simultaneously with accurate allocation of efforts. Her connection with her family is not the only inspirational thing, but also the famous #Shailoom couple gives the best couple goals varying from their long-distance relationship to the most romantic proposal with a gift of beautiful sketch, cheerleader played by violinist and guitarist to the utmost adorable Shailin kneeling on his knee at Marine Drive.