Jun 25 , 2021


Sanjay Arora


‘‘I think fashion and beauty are all about personal choices.They reflect your personality and the one way to carve your niche is by celebrating your uniqueness.’’, said by Nikki Mehra. As depicted in her own words, she tells about her passion towards bringing attractive and easy styling hacks from her basic garments which we could conveniently get at our home.

She became a fashion entrepreneur within just 30 days by featuring in famous magazines like Cosmopolitan India and Vogue India in the very beginning stages of her journey. She joined the Popxo blogging network and with her blog just a month old, she made her way to one of the most romantic destinations of the world, Paris. She was the chosen Indian blogger from the many who came to compete in the ‘Style Your Way to Paris Contest’ by Swarovski.

Pastels, Nikki’s Happy doses

Nikki likes pastel colour be it tees, indo-western co-ords, feather gowns, perpetual suits etc. She captivates everyone without fail and dignifies pastel as her replicant colour. When it comes to pastel colours, she magically pairs two opposite pastel colours leaving a sleek and elegant look. It is enchanting to see Nikki’s two different looks with the same coloured outfits, one with a bubbly and jolly school girl look and other with an assertive and sexy appeal.

NIkki’s Makeover

Nikki is a passionate fashionista who steals everyone's attention with hands on- handy hacks under #NMRethinks and #NMRecreates. She recreates her suit with the same dupatta as a choker showing a quirky look with her white sports shoes and a sexy indo western outfit using titbits of different categories of clothing including bikini, shrug and a dupatta. As a fashion entrepreneur, her styling depicts her personality like one in her dual toned blazer which while creating one would feel that it would turn out to be funky but surprisingly it looks exquisite.

Body polishing Tips

Nikki is akin to all the girls out their wishing skincare and haircare routine. Her girly issues about lessening of volume due to numerous hair colouring and usage of hairstyle equipment makes her one of us. Despite being able to get hair and skin treatments by professionals, she wishes to do skincare routines all by herself and that too with products like aloe vera gel which is completely natural and accessible. She shows her skincare routine with beautiful descriptions about the characteristics of each product along with the ways of application.

Countdowns in last moments

Nikki anywhere and anytime finds out tips and tricks to complete the styling of an outfit showcased in her videos where she makes a tie out of her belts which camouflages with the whole outfits marvelously. This akin sister of us saves us from the dilemma of last minute outfits for our special occasions like the most awaited valentine’s day. She brings out an alluring one shoulder flared gown with a bold belt and a classic slit skirt with tied up white shirt from her mom’s cape.

Must have fashion accessories

Nikki’s absolute collection of fashion accessories fills in your all outfit making them totally standout. Her collection of bags are capsules of versatility which flawlessly pairs up with most of the apparels including her exclusive micro bags, classy oversized totes, chic structured bags etc. In order to enhance her indian wear, she prefers a variety of indian belts like belt with a bag, black embellished belt , belt with tassels to make her outfit 10X elegant. This never going out of fashion girl has her hidden fashion players like big buckle belt, beaded hairband.

Ideal Indian Wears

Nikki’s way of dressing an indian wear enlightens women who wish to go for non-flashy yet eye catchy outfits. Her simplicity is depicted in her elegant suits. She wears such suits, lehengas and sari which could be easily worn by anyone without being overdressed. Her iconic outfit with a rose behind her ear just like the tv reporters in earlier times gives a jaw dropping look. Her set of lehengas are just a display of royalness with ease. Moreover, her video about the saris for each particular vibe or purpose just fills all your events.

Nikki is a zealous influencer who loves to add creativity and take her own edges in her styling of outfits. Despite of being a high class influencers, she comes ahead with hacks which are handy and would help every girl be the fashionista using more of your creations and less of readymade outfits because your clothes are not just a mere wearing but a picture of, what are your levels of artistry, what are your passion, how much creativity and ingenuity you could add to your outfits and last but not the least what defines you. Take inspiration from such eminent fashion influencers and make your outfits stylish.