5 footwear designs you can’t put your hands off from

Jun 12 , 2021


Sanjay Arora

5 footwear designs you can’t put your hands off from

We, shopping lovers, often feel tempted to just go and buy loads of trendy and out of the box footwear. We swear to ourselves to wear these most often and end up wearing these just once or twice before it is out of fashion. We often overlook the long term purpose and fall in the trap of trends. The next time, you know there aren’t any classic footwear that could be suitable for all your outfits. We have come up with a list of 5 integral footwear for women. Invest in evergreen and versatile footwear which could be worn season after season with all your outfits and will last longer.

Neutral Colour Heels

These heels are a go-to heel be it an interview, work, brunch dates and best back up to any short-notice party. Perfectly adds up to your casual as well as formal giving an elongated and classy look. Whether it is round toe, peep toe or open toe, nude saves you dilemma and gives you the best partner to all your outfits.


These adorable ballerinas originated from an exquisite dance form, ballet is an apt footwear for women who prefer flats but wish to amplify their outfit equally. Pointed neutral ballerina perfectly fits with formals giving it a sophisticated and cohesive appeal. When it comes to your embroidered party wear dresses, there are a wide range of graceful ballerinas designed with shimmer to matchable embellishments.


Wedges are such a relief for those who want to add some inches to your frame yet don’t want the pain of wearing heels. Wedges are a different shoe altogether with its attractive fusion from open toe with combination of prints and bright colours to deriving a footwear from ballerina with an addition of comfort heel for your whole feet. This is an excellent way to uplift your confidence with the utmost comfortable heel. Wedge heels are adaptable to every footwear type ranging from traditional embroidered sandals to shoes.


To take a break from all that jazz and glam, slide your feet into a pair of good old sneakers and add a fresh style to your look. Sneakers add a sporty, cool element to any outfit. They offer perfect support for brisk walks, running, and long travel hours. Sneakers also come in handy during adventurous activities like hiking, camping, and treks amongst others. They undoubtedly are your feet’s best friend as they offer superior comfort.

Metallic or Statement Heels

Gold, silver or crystal bling, every girl needs at least one pair of super sexy statement heels on hand. It’s the shoe that takes centre stage and compliments your LBD’s or cocktail dresses for special black-tie occasions. Pick a classic gold or silver hue that is versatile, and you can throw on with any outfit currently in your closet. Don’t just save it for special events though! Wear them with your casual pieces like jeans or leggings to dress up your whole look.

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5 footwear you can’t put your hands off. Happy Reading!