Your shoes can tell alot about your personality- Read and know

Feb 13 , 2021


Dinesh Kush

Your shoes can tell alot about your personality- Read and know

“One shoe can change your life”, the famous line said by Princess Cinderella seems to be true for all the generations regardless of men or women. It is indeed true that when one finds the shoe of their style and comfort they tend to stick to those through the maximum course of their life so much so that those shoes or that particular style becomes part of their personality just like those glass heels became part of Cinderella's life.

So here we are trying to decode what your favorite shoe says about your personality-

Ms. Gladiator

Woman you’re exotic! Gladiators scream sassiness with a bit of dainty. Women who love to wear gladiator sandals have a feminine personality with a flirtatious attitude. They bring the soft and playful vibe with them. These timeless classics tell others how comfortable and free you are. Gladiator wearers are considered to be very creative and aesthetically sound.

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Wedges Edges

Wedges have taken the shoe fashion by revolution and why not, they are comfortable as well as stylish.They often reflect the personality trait like being strong-headed without being a conformist; these shoes are a perfect balance of playfulness and statement style which reflect that those people who like wearing wedges shall not compromise on comfort and wouldn't chase the fanciness unnecessarily.

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Ballerina Beauty

If you are someone who regardless of the occasion would choose only to wear ballerinas then you prefer comfort over style. People who often like to only wear ballerina flats are considered as modest and grounded; they like to mix a bit of fantasy while staying in the reality. They aren’t very fond of changes but once they find the thing they love nothing can stop them. Their intellect and their productivity is always a benchmark for others as they do their work with utmost focus to ensure that the results are perfect.

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Heel power

heels are considered to be the sexiest kind of shoes one can wear as it makes you look all confident and feminine. But, at the same time wearing heels every day is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are one of those who love wearing heels daily, it can be said that you are all about the feminine charm. If you are an avid heel wearer, your personality traits are usually on the lines of sleek modernity, elegance, glamour and poise. This Confident and elegant woman appreciates finer things in life and is a great conversationalist.

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Sneaker style

The kind of comfort one can find in sneaker shoes is irreplaceable and cannot be argued which is why many people opt for wearing sneakers for their work, their hangouts and sometimes even on occasions. Sneakers reflect that the person is self-sufficient, purposeful and organised. They are open-minded who like to hear and speak about their ideas. Those who love wearing sneakers are considered as spontaneous and outgoing people who like simpler things in life.

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Platform Storm

If you love to wear Platforms, the world should watch out! Platform shoe wearers are considered storm makers with their creative mind and go-getter attitude. Platform wearers are considered to be people with a creative mind who are independent and strong. They like to take initiative and are also experimentalist in both their professional and personal life choices.

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The way we present ourselves tells others a lot about our personalities and likings and your shoes play a major part in expressing it. So now that you know what each one of them says, make sure you are wearing them right gal!

So what are you waiting for? Find the nearest stelatoes store and rev it up your shoe wardrobe with the best of shoes that are an expression of your outstanding personality.