Why women wearing high heels are none lesser than a Superhero

Jan 21 , 2021



Why women wearing high heels are none lesser than a Superhero

High Heels are the first love of every woman and wearing them not only helps you to look taller but increases your confidence. Wearing few inches gives you a positive drastic add on in your personality. Just like not everyone can handle storms, wearing high heels are not everyone’s cup of coffee. We know these beauties load a huge amount of pressure bearing down on the soles of the feet and hence, women who wear high heels deserve an appreciation.

We do respect the different taste but this blog is a tribute to women who wears high heels. Let’s go through a few reasons why women wearing high heels are none lesser than a Superhero.

Women with heels can turn any outfit into perfection.

Women with high heels don’t have to compromise with their styling. Take a normal white shirt with a formal pant with your heels are enough to turn any outfit into bomb. Be it a groufie or a solo photoshoot, Girls with high heels don’t have to struggle in adjusting. They simply stand, walk, and kill it like a diva.

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Women with high heels are the bravest

As we said before that women who prefer fashion over comfort has a separate fan base and there's no way to quit high heels anytime. They are brave enough with higher pain threshold to rocket all day like a boss.

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Women with High heels are always on an adventure.

Guess who can Walk in high heels on a slippery surface like walking on a red carpet and who can take an escalator step perfectly? Women. Just in case people think it’s easy, we tell you it’s not. Walking on a slippery surface or balancing your high heels on escalator is none lesser than a journey of trekking. One wrong step and game over. But women are the eighth wonder of the world that can make anything look easier.

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Women with high heels love taking challenges

In the end, Women who can handle high heels can handle anything. Wearing these beauties is a beautiful journey of flowers and thorns. However, what’s fun without taking challenges? Either it’s about carrying a heavy lehenga with embroidered chunni or carrying a layered saree with hand purse, women carry everything with a Grace. They love to tackle life challenges and can easily play the upside-down game.

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O Womaniya, you are going well. This blog is dedicated to every single woman who wears heels on a daily basis. From office formal look to wearing wedding heels in functions, we hope this blog has helped every individual of you to boosts your confidence and rule the fashion game. Stay Classy and a bit sassy.